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Our Promise

We believe the combination of our experience, staff, insurance claims adjusting knowledge and dedication to excellence allows us to provide unparalleled service to our clients and their insureds. When a customer makes the decision to incorporate EIG Claims to satisfy their adjusting needs, that client receives comprehensive handling from start to finish.

Claims Handling

Daily Claims

EIG Claims provides routine daily customer service, reporting, auditing, and processing throughout the service period supplied to our clients and their customers. We are available to troubleshoot, answer questions, and the support necessary to ensure the highest service level.

Catastrophe Claims

EIG Claims handles catastrophe insurance claims and is ready to deploy to any catastrophic event anywhere in the United States. We are prepared with estimators, field supervisors, file examiners, auditors, a 24-hour customer service center, and mobile command centers to provide start-to-finish claims processing. EIG Claims also provides insurance claims estimating services for flood claims nationwide.

Our Results

EIG prides itself on both quality and effectiveness when resolving claims. Our continued innovation and transparency allow us to deliver on our promise to treat your customers like family. To deliver on that promise, EIG Claims ensures superior quality when it comes to interacting with your insureds, providing exemplary services, and closing out claim files.

EIG Daily Claim KPIs

EIG Hurricane Sally Claim KPIs

Recently, the Insurance Information Institute estimated that Florida catastrophe claims were averaging more than 69 days to adjust. During Hurricane Sally EIG backed its work by effectively closing out 98% of its assigned claims in 22 days with an average day claim taking 8.1 days to close, from the time the claim was first reported until when it was returned to the carrier.

Our Technology

EIG Technology has designed a comprehensive technology package that revolutionizes how insurance companies interact with their customers. From friendly conversational AI that assists homeowners with submitting claims to a comprehensive visualization platform that allows companies to view insureds and weather events in near real-time, EIG Tech’s goal is to simplify the process of insurance and ensure greater visibility for both customers and companies alike.

Our Restoration Services

EIG Restoration is a full-service restoration company that specializes in both emergency services in the wake of catastrophes and daily restoration work. Whether you need a dry-out after a flood or a complete rebuild, the skilled technicians at EIG Restoration can assist. EIG Restoration stands by their workmanship and offers a 5 year warranty on all repairs and an industry-leading 10 year warranty on all roof repairs. 

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