Have an existing service claim with EIG through your insurance provider?

The Claim Process

Here at EIG Claims we know that having a loss to your home can be a traumatic experience. Our goal is to make the claim process as transparent and easy as possible for you. During the claims process there are many players involved to ensure your claim is handled as fairly and effectively as possible.

  • Desk Adjuster (your insurance carrier): your insurance carrier has assigned a desk adjuster to your file. Their responsibilities are to determine coverage based on your policy and issue payment once the estimation has been completed.

  • Call Center Rep (EIG Claims): When your claim is assigned, one of our CSR staff will reach out to you to gather additional information from you and assign an estimator. EIG Claims’ CSR staff is available to answer your questions via phone or email.

  • Estimator (EIG Claims): After speaking to one of our CSRs, you will be assigned an estimator. Their role is to visit your property and create the estimate based on the damages they observe. This estimate is what is returned to your carrier for review and payment.

How Our Claims Process Works

After you have been contacted by EIG Claims, your estimator will reach out to you to schedule an onsite visit. During this visit they will inspect your property to determine the damage and begin the process of writing up an estimate. They will also take pictures and document the damage for the insurance carrier.

After the initial visit the estimator will complete the estimate and submit it to EIG Claims’ QA department. Our QA department expertly ensures that the estimate has the proper information before sending it to the carrier.

Once approved by QA, EIG Claims will submit the estimate, along with other information, including pictures, to your insurance carrier. Your carrier will be responsible for determining the coverage based on your policy and sending payment to you once coverage is approved.

EIG Restoration

EIG Claims’ sister company, EIG Restoration is a full service restoration business that is able to handle a wide range of restoration jobs. EIG Restoration’s project managers work hand-in-hand with EIG Claims’ estimators to ensure all work is done within budget, which reduces the need to go back to your carrier for supplementary funds. EIG Restoration ensures that the job is done right the first time. We stand by our work with a 5-year warranty on all craftsmanship and a 10-year warranty on all roof repairs.

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